At Vision Care Associates, we offer eyewear styles from today’s best designers. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something that stands out in a crowd, our options are tastefully varied!


Our opticians are trained to help you find a high quality frame that fits your face width, your nose size, and your eye size so that they’re comfortable all day long

The proper lens material is recommended for you so that your glasses aren’t too heavy, too thick, or blurry

As a part of your eyewear order, we take your custom pupillary distance measurement in-office to give you the clearest vision possible

In a peer reviewed study, the Vision Council discovered that nearly half of all glasses (44.8 percent) ordered online either contained an inaccurate prescription or didn’t meet safety standards designed to protect your eyes. As a stark contrast, glasses purchased with Vision Care Associates go through three quality control processes to ensure your eyes are safe and your vison is clear.